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Photography and Photoshop classes

"Do you teach classes?"

Yes I do! I offer classes through Ashland Community and Technical College in Ashland KY. I post updates on my blog and Facebook page so be on the lookout for class times and schedules. 


"Do you teach or offer tutoring?"

Yes I do! I can work with you in 30 minute increments starting at $25.00 per half hour. All sessions are prepay ONLY and if any cancellation is made, the payment is applied to another session and cannot be refunded.

I offer one-on-one for: 

  • basic photoshop editing 
  • basic photography
  • basic on-flash photography
  • basic off-flash photography
Please keep in mind that I am only teaching you skills related to photography as a hobby and as everyone has different business goals, I cannot offer business mentoring.

Week 1: Composition

This is an assignment I give to all my Intro to Photography students after the first class. This homework is meant to help them "see" better by looking for shapes that when cropped correctly, produce letters.


Click on the image below to see more work from my students:


week 2: Shooting in shutter priority

During week 2 in the Intro class we focus mainly on using the shutter speed. Click on the picture below to see more:

week 3: Shooting in aperture priority mode

During week 3 in the Intro class we focus on F-Stops and Depth of Field. Click on the picture below to see more:


Week 4: ISO and white balance

This week is where the students can shoot in either priority mode with a focus on experiment with White Balance and changing the ISO. Click on the picture below to see more work by students:


week 5: Shooting in manual mode

By the 5th class, we are starting to practice shooting in full manual mode. Below are some pictures my students have taken that I am very proud of! Click on the picture below to see more.


Student Testimonials

See what students have to say about my classes:


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